FSSAI Registration

How can your business use the FSSAI Licence as a marketing tool?

FSSAI Licence is a permit that is required to operate in a food-related business. This food license ensures that the quality and safety of the food you are offering to your customers are supreme. It also demonstrates your compliance with mandatory food safety and quality requirements established by the Government.

However, some businesses overlook the importance of getting an FSSAI Registration and they fail to understand that not only is this necessary for compliance but also an effective tool that can boost your food business. FSSAI license can help you increase your sales.

How can FSSAI Licence & registration boost your sales?

Consumer Confidence

Consumers are becoming more aware and alert about the food they eat. They are asking for information about the ingredients and quality of the food they are buying. With the focus shifting to the safety of food components and processes, people want the assurance to help them build their confidence. By getting an FSSAI license, you can show your customers that you adhere to all necessary safety standards laid down by the government. This helps in building trust among your customers and increasing your customer base.

FSSAI Licence Compliance

FSSAI license shows that you adhere to safety and quality standards in your food manufacturing, storing, packing, and selling process. Both by law and ethics, it is mandatory to comply with these standards. But most businesses do not obtain FSSAI licenses blaming the process to be time-consuming, complex, and inconvenient. Many businesses also think the process is expensive and requires excessive documentation.

But that is not true. If you get the help of an FSSAI registration and certification consultant, the process is easy and fast. When food-related business is caught operating without FSSAI, the following things can happen:

  • Heavy penalties
  • Reputation tarnished
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Time-consuming legal procedures

Logo to Promote Sales

When buyers are purchasing food products, they are looking for products that are safe and healthy. If you have an FSSAI license, you are allowed to put the FSSAI logo on your food products and menu. By putting this logo, you can assure consumers that your food products are of the utmost quality. The logo acts as a mark of validity and helps consumers to make buying decisions quickly. It also gives you a competitive edge and establishes your brand.

Business Growth

Do you want to grow your business? Are you thinking of opening new outlets for your business? If yes, an FSSAI license will help you expand your business easily. It is easier to get funds with a license by establishing your qualification and reputation.

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