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Stamping of weights and measures

Legal Metrology aims to bring standardisation in the weights and measurements. It mandates registration requirements for importers, manufacturers, packers and even repairers. Further, it also lays down the legal metrology stamping and verification process to ensure the usage of bonafide equipments and enhance customer protection. But what is legal metrology stamping and verification?

What is legal metrology Stamping and Verification Process?

legal metrology Stamping and verification are governed by Section 24 of the Legal Metrology Act. As per this section, every individual who is in possession or control of weight or measures and intends to use such weights and measures for any transaction or protection shall before using it have such weight or measure verified at such place and during such hours as the Controller may specify. These weights and measures shall be examined in the government-approved test centres. 

Reverification Under the Legal Metrology Act

Apart from legal metrology Stamping and verification, the legal metrology act also lays down the reverification requirements. As per Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011, reverification of the weights and measures should be carried out on completion of the following:

  1. 24 months in case of weights, measures, tape, capacity measures, counter machine;
  2. 6 months in case of storage tanks;
  3. 12 months in case of measures or weights comprising of lorry tanks other than the ones mentioned above.

Further, dismantling, repair or reinstallation of weights and measures will require reverification under legal metrology prior to use.

Why legal metrology Stamping and Verification is Needed?

Stamping and verification under legal metrology act are important because it acts as a mark of accuracy and ensures that the weights and measures meet the prescribed quality requirements. Further, it is crucial for consumer protection as it filters out any sub-optimal and inaccurate measurements and weights. Stamped and verified products also enhance consumer confidence in the products as it eliminates any occurrence of fraud and misrepresentations in commercial transactions. Further, it brings uniformity and standardization across all the weights and measurement equipments. 

How ASC Group Can Help?

It is important to note that as per Section 33 of the Legal Metrology Act, the use of unverified weights and measures can attract a fine of a minimum of Rs. 2000 and a maximum of Rs. 10,000 in case of 1st offence. Further, subsequent offences can involve imprisonment that may extend up to 1 year along with the fine. Penalties can also be levied in case of using non-standard weights and measures.

ASC Group is a professional and consultancy firm having experts from different domains including CAs, CSs, advocates etc. to provide expert financial and legal services. We provide end-to-end assistance in the legal metrology Stamping and verification process to the applicants. Our services also involve liaising with the regulatory authorities in case of any notices, orders or non-compliance with the regulatory requirements. Reach out to ASC Group for more information.