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Who we are?

Founded in 1995 as Alok Sinhal Co. a chartered accounting firm registered under ICAI, ASC group has evolved to become a leading firm offering a plethora of business consulting services. The Legal Metrology vertical at ASC is led by a team of experienced professionals who understand the needs of the client as well as the complex registration procedure in India. The ASC Legal Metrology team aims to simplify the legal compliance procedure for businesses as well as help them adhere to appropriate compliances.

What is Legal Metrology?

Under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, the sale of all packaged goods and consumer goods requires a Legal Metrology Registration from the Metrology Department of Consumer Affairs that comply with legal metrology for packaged commodities. Legal Metrology expert Consultants are equipped to guide you with the end-to-end processes.

Legal Metrology registration can be liable in two capacities:

  • Manufacturer/Packer
  • Importer



Types of Registrations under Legal Metrology Act

Non-Weight & Measurement Products
(i.e. Mobile phones, Food items, Electronic product, etc.)

    • Packaged Commodity Registration (LMPC)

Weight & Measurement Products
(i.e. Thermometer, BP monitor weighing scale)

    • Model Approval
    • Importer/Manufacturer License
    • Dealership License
    • Repairer License
    • Stamping of Product
    • Packaged Commodity Registration

Our Services


Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is an act extending to the whole of India which specifies rules & regulations regarding weights and measurements of packaged goods manufactured, sold or distributed.

Export Compliance

Every person intending to import/export any packaged goods must register with Department of Legal Metrology and comply with the Legal Metrology Act 2009.


Unprecedented disputes and issues might quickly arise while making efforts to comply with the Legal Metrology Act. We would make compliance settlements on most beneficial terms.


If you find the rules and regulations regarding weights and measurement complex, get answers to most frequently asked questions to clarify your view.

Why choose ASC Group for Legal Metrology Registration?

28 years of Experience

ASC Group started its operation in 1995 with Delhi Branch.

Professional team

Professional and experienced team of experts are directly associated with Legal Metrology Department

Trustable Services

Comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge on the compliance related to Legal Metrology Act.

Clients Portfolio

Strong client’s portfolio of 2000+ nationals and multi-national companies.

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