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Legal Metrology Act is the principal law governing the manufacturing, sale and distribution of weights and measurement equipments. As these equipments are crucial in almost every industry, therefore, it becomes important to regulate and standardise it in order to protect consumer interest. However, like any other equipment, these equipments too are susceptible to wear and tear, breakdowns or damage. It’s interesting to note that the repairing of these equipments too is governed by the legal metrology act and only persons holding legal metrology repairer license can repair them.

Eligibility for Legal Metrology Repairer License

Every repairer of weights and measurements falling under the legal metrology act shall get registered under this act. A repairer under legal metrology can be defined as any person who is involved in the repair of weights and measures. Further, it refers to the individuals who lubricate, clean, calibrate or adjust the weights and measures or provide any other service relating to such weights and measures to ensure that such weight and measures adheres to the norms of the governing act. 

Why Repairer License is Needed Under Legal Metrology?

A repairer license under legal metrology act is important for the following reasons:

  1. A repairer license ensures that the maintenance and repair of the weights and measures are done by a competent person. This ensures that the weights and measures continue to function appropriately and deliver accurate results after repairs. 
  2. A repairer license under legal metrology builds consumer confidence in you as they are assured that a registered person is trustable and will ensure repair work is properly carried out.
  3. The weights and repairs under the legal metrology act are of prescribed standard and therefore, repair and maintenance should ensure that the repair work adheres to such standard.
  4. A legal metrology repairer license helps ensure that the regulatory authorities are able to track and trace the repairs being conducted on the weights and measurements. 
  5. Any unqualified repairs can hinder the quality of weights and measures directly impacting consumer interest. A repairer license ensures that only qualified repairers handle the repairs of such weights and measures. 


Before beginning the repair activity, the repairers should obtain a valid repairer registration under legal metrology act. Further, they should maintain all the appropriate records relating to the equipments on which the repair and maintenance is carried out. They shall also maintain records relating to the machines, tools and equipments to be used for repair and maintenance and furnish the same at the time of filing the registration application. Further, they should comply with all the taxation, labour and other statutory obligations.  

How ASC Group Can Help?

ASC Group is a professional and consultancy firm having experts from different domains including CAs, CSs, advocates etc. to provide expert financial and legal services. If you are a repairer of weights and measures, then we can help you with the following:

  1. Assist you in determining the applicability of the legal metrology act on your repair and maintenance activity.
  2. Obtain the repairer registration under legal metrology act.
  3. Guide you with the repairer registration process, gather all the necessary documents and furnish the same to regulatory authorities.
  4. Liaison with the regulatory authorities in case of any notices or queries and furnish prompt replies.
  5. Handling and liaising with the regulatory authorities in case of any penal action.

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