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Model Approval Registration refers to the process of officially registering a specific model of a measuring instrument under the Legal Metrology Act or similar legislation. It is a mandatory requirement in many countries to ensure that measuring instruments used in trade and commerce meet the required standards of accuracy and reliability.

The entity liable to obtain Model Approval Registration depends on the legal metrology regulations and the role of the entity involved in the manufacturing or distribution of the measuring instrument. Typically, the liability falls on the manufacturer or the authorized representative of the manufacturer, who is responsible for ensuring that the measuring instrument complies with the applicable legal metrology requirements. It is advisable to consult with the relevant legal metrology consultant or seek professional guidance to ensure compliance with the specific model registration requirements applicable in your jurisdiction.

Key Entities to Obtain Model Approval Registration

  1. Manufacturer:
    The manufacturer/ producer of the measuring instrument is usually responsible for obtaining Model Approval certificate. They are required to go through the necessary testing, evaluation, and compliance processes to ensure that the instrument satisfies the standards set by the legal metrology Act.
  2. Authorized Representative:
    Sometimes, a manufacturer may also appoint an authorized representative who acts on their behalf. In such case, the authorized representative takes responsibility for obtaining Model Approval Certificate and ensuring compliance with the legal metrology requirements to be sold or used in the Indian market.
  3. Importer/Distributor:
    In some situations, the liability to obtain Model Approval License may fall on the distributor or importer of the measuring instrument. These entities are responsible for ensuring that the instruments they import or distribute comply with the Indian legal metrology regulations.

How ASC Group Assist in Model Approval Compliances?

  1. Understand the Requirements:
    Team at ASC Group understands the provisions and guidelines as per your product outlined in the Legal Metrology Act in your location. We review the detailed requirements related to model registration.
  2. Obtain Model Approval:
    Before registering a model under legal metrology, we ensure you’re your model meet the accuracy and performance standards set by the legal metrology regulations.
  3. Gather Required Documentation:
    Prepare the necessary documentation for your model approval registration application.
  4. Complete the Application process:
    Assist in fulfilling the application form process as provided by the legal metrology authority. We ensure that all the required information & documents are accurately provided.
  5. Submission and Review:
    Submit the completed  application along with the supporting documents to the designated legal metrology authority or agency. The authority will review the application to verify its completeness and compliance with the registration requirements.
  6. Obtain Model Approval Registration Certificate:
    If the application approved, the legal metrology authority will issue a model approval registration certificate for the approved model. This certificate serves as official documentation that your model has been registered and can be used for trade and commercial purposes.